Cedar Vale Commersial

Sat. Sept. 29,  1892

     About half past one o'clock last Monday afternoon two men rode to Dexter, hitched their horses in front of the bank, walk in and after exchanging a few words with the Cashier John Watkins, one. got the drop on him with a revolver and ordered him to the vault and demanded the cash. There Was no other altercation and he quickly complied, handed them all the bills there was In his reach and then went to get them a bag of silver which they said they did not want as it was to heavy. They then backed out of the bank warning the cashier to give no alarm until they were out of town.  Mr. Watkins obeyed their command no longer than they were out of the door.  He grabbed his revolver gave the alarm and began firing at them as they mounted their horses. He emptied his revolver at them without any effect and they returned two shots one just torching across his vest and over his heart and the other struck the door panel above his shoulder. The reports soon brought a crowd into the street but as they were unwarned and unarmed they could do nothing at the instant but gaze at the desperadoes as they rode out of town signaling all to keep there distant. They started south for the territory and were soon followed by a posse who, as for there speed, could have overtaken them but the persuasive language of their Winchesters a bullet back a mile, was a safe barrier against a few shot guns and little revolvers. They were followed that evening until about sundown where they crossed the line near the head of Rock Creek. Sheriff Nipp was telegraphed for and got on their track the next day but failed to get them and gave up the chase. It was at first rumored that they got about $3,000 but after checking up the next day it was found that only $922 was missing. There has been as yet no definite clue as to whom the parties were, as they were not known by anyone who saw them about Dexter, but one answer fairly well to the description of Bob Dalton, well known in the city, the other was a small man, dark complexion and smooth face. The rumor that one of them was Chas Bailey, well known in the Irish Flats, must have been a mistake as they were seen by a number of persons who said he was not in the gang.