William and Joan Higgins taken in 1905

William Wallace Higgins, b. Platte Co. Missouri   April 21, 1846    d. May 17, 1911

Joan (Thorpe) Higgins, b. Parkville, Missouri  May 10, 1850  d. August 21, 1915


Josiah Thorpe , Grandfather Higgins’ Father  1890 or 1891


George and Aurora (Higgins) Fuller taken on their wedding day


William and Mary Higgins Moore,  Married Sept. 4, 1889

William Wesley Moore, b. Nov. 29, 1852   d. Oct.  27, 1944

Mary Frances (Higgins) Moore  b. Mar.  8, 1870    d. Dec. 28,1953


Annabelle (Higgins) Brown in Rebecca Lodge Meeting Dress 1953


Oldest and Youngest of WW Higgins family,  Annabelle and Mary


Margie (Marjie) Brown age, 20 daughter of  Annabelle and Alf Brown

Marjie Brown
Marjie Brown

Taken just after winning the “Prettiest Baby Contest” on Labor Day Celebration, Atlanta KS


Flossie Brown age 15


1926: Higgins brothers and sisters (Bessie absent)  Reunion at Uncle Jacks

Bud, Mary, Cliff, Aura, Plez, Annabelle, Jack, and Eve


Higgins brothers and sisters, 1927

Mary, Bud, Cliff, Aura, Plez, Jack, Eve, and Annabelle


1930 Reunion at Alf Brown’s Farm in Cambridge: Margie Brown, Flossie Brown, Thelma Woods, Alta Higgins,

Lamar Brown, Lola Higgins, Fern Higgins Arthur Moore, Maude Higgins, Blanche Robertson,

(holding Barbara), Harold Higgins  Front: Mary Lou, Bobbie, Wally Brown and Harold Moore


      1927 Reunion: George Fuller, Francis Higgins, Plez, Mary Moore, Cliff, Aura Fuller, Lola Higgins,

Eve, Bud, Ben Robertson, Arthur Moore, Fern Higgins, Ernest Darlington, Thestine, Flossie and Margaret

Seated: Jackie Higgins, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Dale Fuller and friend, Wally, Bobbie Brown, Lucy Higgins,           

 Junior Brown, Joe Higgins, Harold Moore, Donnie, Jennie and Uncle Jack. Donnie was Thestine's son.


1927 Cousins, Back row: Ben Robertson, Blanche Robinson, Lola Higgins, Harold Higgins, Arthur Moore, Fern Higgins,

Lola (?), Thestine, Jennie, (T's mother),

Middle row: Margaret Robinson, Flossie Brown, Dale Fuller, Jackie Higgins.

Front row: Junior Brown Harold Moore, Barbara Brown, Wally, Joe Higgins and Donnie