Genealogical Records of
Valentine Brown and Anna  Margaretha Laier

Descendants of George Valentine Brown


Valentine Brown, Emma Brown M. (Barnhope)
William E. Brown, Anna Margaretha Laier Brown
Early 1870's
Valentine Braun about 1880
Anna Margaretha Brown
Descendants of Valentine and Anna Margaretha Brown
Ebenezer Orphan Home, Flat Rock, Ohio 1996
Picture taken about 1900. 
A blizzard blew down the left building in 1942.
Ebenezer Orphan Home opened in 1866 and still operating.
More like a home for handicapped now.
Valentine Braun
Anna Margaretha Laier Braun


Anna Margaretha Braun, nee Laier, was born Nov. 11, 1828, at Wiesloh, Baden, Baierthal, and died Oct. 23, aged 76 y., 11 m. and 11 d. She leaves one son and one daughter, ten grandchildren and many other friends. She was reared by Christian parents, and was baptized and confirmed in the Evangelical Protestant State Church. Her father died when she was in the eleventh year of her age. In 1848 her mother, with six of eleven children, came to America. She died Jan. 5, 1874.

Mother Braun was united in holy wedlock with the Rev. Valentine Braun, Nov. 11, 1852; this union was blessed with 4 children. The husband and two children preceded her to the better world. In 1853 the family came to Sandusky Co., O. In the same year both were converted to God under the labors of Aaron Yambert and F. Dreisbach. Prior to this her two younger sisters were converted at Buffalo, and through their clear testimony and happy life she was convinced that a person must be born again, and she sought at once for the experience. At the first opportunity she accepted the invitation for penitents at a public altar of prayer in the old Overmyer Church in Sandusky Co., O. Later, in 1872, at a camp-meeting near Bettsville, 0., she consecrated herself to God anew and received such a blessing that she was delivered from all fear. From 1875 to 1891 Mother Braun shared with her husband the Rev. Valentine Braun, the responsibilities and experiences of an itinerant preacher. From the autumn of 1891 till the same season of 1895 she served as matron of the Orphan Home at Flat Rock, 0., of which her husband was for the same period superintendent, holding that position at his death in September, 1895. Several weeks ago at her request, her pastor administered the Holy Communion to her, over which she rejoiced greatly. At a later visit the pastor asked if he could do any more for her. She said "Pray to God that He take me home."

She lived and died as a Christian. The following named brethren were present and took part in the services: J. B. Kanaga, who, at her request, preached the sermon, G. F. Spreng, W. H. Messerschmidt, J. S. Fitterer J. W. Zachman, A. F. Totheroh, J. F. Atkinson, C. Klaholz, E. A. Tovey.

J. N. Steppanni.



Emma Brown  age 14
Emma Brown Barnhope Barbara Gries Brown
Wm's Sister Wm's Wife
Valentine Braun, top center
Ebenezer Orphan Home, Flat Rock, Ohio
Children at feet-washing time.

     Emma Barnhope, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Valentine Braun, was born in Scott Township.  Sandusky County, Ohio, Feb. 3, l888, and fell asleep in Jesus at her late home in the same' township, March l7, 1935, aged 77 years, l month and 14 days.
     She had been in declining health for some time. About two weeks ago she contracted pneumonia, which was the immediate cause of her death.
     She was married to Henry Barnhope, in the home where she died, March 16,1882. They lived in this home all their lives except three years when her father was Superintendent of the Ebenezer Orphan's Home at Flat Rock, Ohio. Two children, a Boy and a daughter, were born to this union. The son, William, who was a minister in the Evangelical church, died Jan. 3,l9l9. Mr. Barnhope went to his reward Dec.28, l934.
     Since the death of Mr. Barnhope, the daughter and her family have been living with Mrs. Barnhope and tenderly cared for her in her last sickness.
     Mrs. Barnhope has been a member of the Trinity Evangelical church for over sixty years. She has been a devoted Christian woman, and faithful to her church. She always enjoyed the services of the church and always took an active part in prayer and testimony. She was present in the church service only two weeks prior to her passing away.
     There were only two children of her immediate family. Her brother, William, died several years ago. She leaves 1 daughter, Mrs. Clarence C. Vandersall, and two grandchildren, Wilma and John Henry Vandersall, besides many other relatives and friends.

Original Home of Valentine and Anna in Fremont
Barbara and George Gries
Front Row: Daniel Roush and son Frank, Melissa (Gries) Roush and son George
Back Row: Selesta Roush Schaub, Barbara Roush Baheke Sarah Roush Keiser
(Sarah's granddaughter sent the picture to me.) Melissa is my Grandmother
Gries' sister Married to Wm. Brown
The first generations each had a Barbara. (1777-1837. Then Wm. And Barbarn
skipped their generation, but Alf had a Barbara, Florence had a Barbara (Routon)
and Barbara R has a daughter Barbara Thompson, Jiving in Denver, so even if
William and skipped our generation, there is still time for you to catch up!!!
Barbara and William Brown lived in this house before moving to Cambridge Ks.
George Gries and Barbara Mitzel's home in Fremont Ohio.
Parents of Barbara Gries Brown
Barbara Gries Brown
A little sidewalk chalk brings out letters.
Wilma Barnhope Mackey, Barbara Ledgerwood, Woody Mackey
Wilma and Barbara had the same great-great grandfather
Church they all attended
Family Church
Family Church
B. J. and Bobbie at Ebenezer Orphan's Home.
B. J., Julie, Gladys, and Bobbie, fish dinner on Lake Erie.
B. J. 91 years old.
Georgina  Edmonds
Bobbie Ledgerwood looking thru box of pictures at Ebenezer Orphanage.
Georgina, B. J. and Bobbie in the Gries office.  10-96
Gladys and B. J.
Furniture from original orphanage
Furniture from original orphanage
Furniture from original orphanage
Valentine made this hutch